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Jon Michael Riley, Author & Veteran Photographer has just published his 2nd book in the Channey Moran Series . . . . Jon Michael Riley ~ Author and Veteran Photographer

“Dream The Dawn” Book #1 ~ Devastated by the death of both his father and a lover, New York photographer, Channey Moran, accepts an easy assignment in Ireland. He soon becomes accidentally enmeshed in a bizarre ship hijacking by eco-mercenaries led by an eccentric ex-CIA operative who fascinates the world’s news media while horrifying Big Energy . . .

“Photo Shoot” Book #2 ~ (2) American Couples sailing across the Indian Ocean are brutally taken hostage by Somali pirates only a day’s sail east of the Seychelles Islands.

A Homeless woman freezes to death sleeping beside the door to St. Brigid’s Church across from New York’s Tompkins Square Park.  She has renowned New York photographer Channey Moran’s name and phone number in her pocket . . .

Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat ~ a novel of love, desire, loyalty and honor that affects the O’Rourkes, a relocated New England Textile Family who face entrenched white supremacy in a small North Carolina cotton mill town in 1960.  The narrative follows multiple points of view, with the main character being high-school age Brian, whose near death experience leads to love’s exciting fulfillment.

A bit about . . . Jon Michael Riley . . . .

Stone Wall One Rock At A TimeJon is a veteran New York studio and location photographer who had a photography studio on 37th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues. His commercial work is syndicated worldwide by Getty Images and his artwork is represented in private collections and museums.

Jon relocated to a mountain cove outside of Asheville, NC in 1991. After the Rizzoli publication of The Irish File—Images from a Land of Grace in 2001, Jon found himself in a health-related situation where photography had become less possible.  He began writing, attending writers workshops and conferences, as well as nurturing his abiding interest in Irish history and culture.  The first Channey Moran novel, Dream the Dawn, was published in 2014 and Photo Shoot is the second installment in the series. Jon’s other novel, Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat, a story of love and race in the 1960 South, was published in 2015. 

The work of writing a book is very much like the work of building a stone wall.  One stone at a time, carefully considered, re-balanced, another one added, no mortar, make a few more adjustments, add more stones and keep going until it is finished.   A whole piece.


All Four Books are on Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble and Indiebound . . . .  



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