Dream The Dawn ~ Book 1

1st Book in the Channey Moran Series . . .  “Dream The Dawn” . . .


The Fogher Cliffs, Valentia Island, Ireland
Late September

Dream The DawnIt’s all trying to throw me off the cliff, steep squirrelly slate slipping under my boots. I focus on keeping my camera gear, and myself, from plummeting into the heaving Atlantic below. Stay balanced so I won’t miss anything. And for God’s sake, stay out of the way of the girl from Killarney, on the opposite side of the small sea cove from where I’m perched.

We’re photographing a California showboat rock climber, Ric Conroy, an outdoor adventure celebrity. His specialty is bizarre, quick, even elegant rock climbing, and it’s the first time he has climbed in his grandparents’ homeland.

It’s about 4 p.m. We’ve been shooting all day at several cliff faces on the island. Out of nowhere, a monstrous swell careens beneath me, and with the sound of a jet engine, blows across the shallow bay where there’s no place for it to go but up. Slamming into the cliff, roaring up the face like a writhing tongue, it smacks Conroy off the first pitch. I have him framed with a 300mm lens as he falls backwards into an explosive column of white foam that plummets back down the wall into churning green-white water.


  • “…highly recommend the book to anyone eager for great writing, romance, and suspense”
  • “Amazingly well researched and well written.”
  • “Dream the Dawn leaves us fulfilled, but also waiting…for the next page, book, shoe to fall. We have entered into the lives of Channey, Glennie, and Roy Roy, and we’re not going home.”
  • “I literally could not put this awesome book down without finishing it! Then, I was so excited after reading it that I couldn’t sleep! Very much worth a sleepless night! Can’t wait for the next one!”
  • “I love the Irish setting and really felt I was there watching the adventure and romance unfold.Based on events which actually did happen makes the book even more fascinating…..would make a good movie!”

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