For those of you who find ancient sites fascinating, particularly if they are Irish, and well over a “Thousand Years Old”, and occupy a tiny rock shelf on an uninhabited island the shape of a pyramid, I’d like to point out a “Remarkable book by the late English author, Geoffrey Moorhouse (1931-2009). Published in 1997, Sun Dancing is a marvelous imaginative story about what life might have been like for the monks who began a monastery on Skellig Michael in the 6th century AD.  The ancient Skellig chaps never left any written records so historians can only loosely surmise what and when. That’s why Moorhouse’s book is such a good read. It is like history conveyed by a vivid storyteller and gifted writer. Here is the first half of one paragraph from his introduction: As I climbed the path winding up to the ancient constructions near the top of the […]

I’ve been working on Dream the Dawn for a long time…but not near as long as the Irish “Shell-to-Sea” Environmental protest that the book is based on. All that began back in 2000 and gradually the implications of the Corrib Gas pipeline in County Mayo kept showing up in the Irish Echo and Irish Voice newspapers that I subscribe to. So there was a long history of that issue before I began outlining, in 2007, a possible story based on what was going on there. The first thing I decided was to have a New York photographer as a main character. And he (I didn’t have a name yet) was going to get into a hornets nest of trouble. That’s all I knew at the time. Then a visual image came to me, a particularly vivid image of a woman (I had no idea who she was) hauling my main […]