Photo Shoot ~ Book 2

Photo Shoot #2 in the Channey Moran Series by Jon Michael RileyTwo American couples circumnavigating the globe are sailing across the Indian Ocean when pirates surprise them and take over their 46 ft. sailboat. After killing one of the husbands, the pirates force the captives to change course and head for the Somali coast. They have been kidnapped.

A homeless Irish girl who inhabits New York’s Tompkins Square Park is caught by an early Spring freeze, a “blackberry winter”, and dies of hypothermia curled next to St. Brigid’s Church. The police find no identification other than a torn letter folded in her pocket listing the name and number of Channey Moran.

A successful New York photographer, Channey, receives a call from a detective about the girl. Channey is mystified, but by translating the top half of two words in Irish, learns that the letter was from someone he knew in Ireland. That the dead woman had his name and number on her when she died devastates Channey. Had she called him, he could have saved her.

The notorious and brilliant Roy Roy is hiding at Belfast’s Queens University, disguised as a visiting research professor, Winston Metcalf. He learns about the Somali hijacking and discovers that he not only knows the two Boston couples, but also that in the past he had loved and almost married one of the women.



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