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I just got back from a ten-day trip to the beautiful Hudson River Valley, the southern part that stretches from about New Paltz, just south of the Catskill Mountains, down to Manhattan.   We stayed part of the time in Peekskill, a lovely town right at the edge of the Hudson Highlands. Once a blue-collar factory town, as many river towns were, it’s now gentrified and prosperous looking. Known for its vibrant Irish Festival, called The Lower Hudson Irish Festival, that is held at the end of each September. I can imagine Channey Moran driving his old Alvis cabriolet up to Peekskill, only a 35 mile drive from his Manhattan studio, to enjoy Peekskill’s beautiful riverside park, the Irish music, outdoor sculpture park and cool restaurants close by the train station. He’d love the menu and ambiance at the Taco Dive Bar right on a busy corner. The view across Peekskill […]