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To purchase your copy of “Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat” Click Right Here!  Or click on the book cover! Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat is a novel of love, desire, loyalty, and honor that affects the O’Rourkes, a relocated New England textile family who face entrenched white supremacy in a small North Carolina cotton mill town in 1960. The narrative follows multiple points of view with the main character being high-school age Brian, whose near death experience leads to love’s exciting fulfillment. Let’s see what a few reviewers think . . . .  By Dorothy Feltz-Gray . . . .  Jon Michael Riley has a gift for compelling narrative. In Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat, set in the early 1960s, he has woven together a coming-of-age story with one of racial injustice in rural North Carolina. As Riley does in an earlier novel, Dream the Dawn, he […]

Sacred Ireland how it began: A few years ago I lamented to a close friend how difficult it was to find a publisher for A Longing for Home. Her reaction was to ask had I thought of doing a book about the sacred aspects of Ireland, and that many people would find this subject interesting. Why hadn’t I thought of that? After all, I already had a good beginning with all the images now stored in our studio. And so I began…. From the Introduction:  At around a million people, Ireland is one of the smallest countries in the European Union. Yet this island of green is dense with rich layers of history, legend, folk sagas, heroes and villains, saints and spirits, colonization, skirmishes, uprisings, famines, plagues and wars of independence. Most have left artifacts, some sort of visual evidence that story this land.  These sacred places, anointed by reason […]

About Thanksgiving . . . I want to write about what I am thankful for, but first I need to address three obvious things. I’m thankful to live in a free democracy (okay, there are degrees…) where I can do and say, come and go, pretty much as I please. Because of the above I have access to clean running water, central heat and air, clothes, two vehicles that run, food aplenty, a quiet house, and family and friends for support. I think I am most thankful, right at this moment for women. The most important one I’ll leave for the end, for she deserves the final summation. Many nurses are women and I am thankful for every one. Nurses have big hearts and know things: how to help us being foremost, and they know the real scoop on doctors and will sometimes let you know. Right now our favorite […]

What is IndieBound? A product of ongoing collaborations between the independent bookstore members of the American Booksellers Association, IndieBound is all about independent bookstores and the power of “local first” shopping. Locally owned independent businesses pump money back into the their communities by way of taxes, payrolls and purchases. That means more money for sound schools, green parks, strong police and fire departments, and smooth roads, all in your neighborhood. Independent bookstores have always occupied a special place in communities. There, you can just be, learn openly, share freely, be inspired, and breathe deeply. Through IndieBound—and the Indie Next List flyers and Indie Bestseller Lists—readers find trusted bookseller curated reading options, newly discovered writers, and a real choice for buying. Your local bookstore is a great place to gather.  Learn about new authors, join a book club, be involved in Author showcases and book signings!  Taking your youngster to the […]