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I’ve been thinking of the word bizarre.  Not the flea market sort, but things that look or appear to be bizarre.  There’s plenty of bizarreness that surrounds the phenomena of Somali Pirates, their life and the monetary need for the whole business of pirating.  This was one thing that I found fascinating while researching Photo Shoot, a story that reflects the world of Somali pirates. What began decades ago as a simple but drastic measure to protect their own fishing grounds off the coast of Somalia became a surprise and lucrative opportunity.  The Somali fishermen began boarding and confiscating commercial fishing boats from places like Japan and Indonesia who were taking huge tonnage of fish from the India Ocean close to Somali ports like Eye, Garacad, Hobyo and Harardheere. Then it dawned on the Somalis that they could just as easily hijack a freighter or petrol tanker and the bizarre […]