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To purchase your copy of “Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat” Click Right Here!  Or click on the book cover! Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat is a novel of love, desire, loyalty, and honor that affects the O’Rourkes, a relocated New England textile family who face entrenched white supremacy in a small North Carolina cotton mill town in 1960. The narrative follows multiple points of view with the main character being high-school age Brian, whose near death experience leads to love’s exciting fulfillment. Let’s see what a few reviewers think . . . .  By Dorothy Feltz-Gray . . . .  Jon Michael Riley has a gift for compelling narrative. In Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat, set in the early 1960s, he has woven together a coming-of-age story with one of racial injustice in rural North Carolina. As Riley does in an earlier novel, Dream the Dawn, he […]

Thoughts On Selma . . . In my novel, Searching for Cool-Praying for Heat, I write about a Black sharecropper family, the Millers, and how the white main character’s family helps them. In the background, the two Miller sons—Robert and John Henry—attend North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro. They write to their mother, Iris, and keep her abreast of the long-running lunch counter sit ins. Trying not to alarm their parents, they try to put a positive spin on what was happening there in Greensboro. In the face of white intransigence with desegregating public facilities, a group of students at Shaw University, also in Greensboro, students created the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which became known as SNCC. This was in April of 1960. Notable is that John Lewis was one of the early leaders. In another three months, the Greensboro government and downtown retailers agreed to desegregation. It took […]