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I just experienced a Mini-Twenty-First Century Odyssey covering about one week. After another revision on the book cover for Searching for Cool, Praying for Heat, I headed south to Road Atlanta—which is not in Atlanta—for the big vintage road race called “The Mitty,” sanctioned by HSR, Historic Sports-car Racing. The track is wonderful for both spectators and for the drivers. Just short of two and a half miles, it goes up and down hills, has lots of tricky curves and two thunderous straights.  Click here to view the actual race course!  I could go and see all the corners from both inside the track and outside. There are tunnels and bridges for spectators to move about, lots of places to park and quite a few people camp there. There are very good facilities and mini-busses that constantly circulate to take people to other vantage points. Think of a small LeMans-type road […]